Delete a Profile, Site, or System

1. Sign-in to an account that has Profile administrator rights to an item you want to delete.

2. Navigate to My Profiles

3. Find the Profile, Site, or System that you want to delete.

4. Open the Profile Settings page

5. Ensure that the Profile only has a single Profile Administrator

6. Navigate back to My Profiles. The profile admin should be able to delete the Profile, Site, or System by clicking on the X mark to the side of the page: 

7. A warning will appear warning you that all data will be lost if you proceed with deleting the system. Select "Yes" to delete the item.

The item will be marked for deletion. While deletion is in progress you cannot interact with the profile, site, or system. When deletion is complete, the item will disappear from the My Profiles page, and can be re-registered. Deletion should not take more than a few minutes. 

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