Setting Time and Timezone for MATE3 or AXS Port

When connected to the internet with OPTICS RE enabled, your MATE3 or AXS port gateway will automatically set the timezone offset, as well as the date and time.

Timezone is adjustable through the Site Settings page. To get there:

1. From the dashboard, select the settings gear in the upper right hand corner to open the System Tools menu.

2. Select Site

3. Scroll down to the Date & Time section.

4. Select your timezone from the list.

5. Enable or disable automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustment by turning Supports Daylight Saving Time on or off.

If this settings is on, the OPTICS RE server will automatically adjust the time zone offset during a daylight saving period change.

If this settings is off, the server will not adjust the daylight saving offset and your timezone will remain the same all year round. 

6. Select Save Settings on the bottom of the form.

Additional precautions: 

Changing your site timezone also changes the timezone setting on your MATE 3 or AXS Port. 

Updating the timezone offset manually on the MATE 3 or AXS Port will also cause your site timezone in OPTICS RE to change. 

If you have any functions enabled that depend on a specific time of day like AGS Quiet Time, it will affect when they run. Be sure to adjust these settings for the proper time and date for the location of the installation. 


If your gateway timezone ever gets out of sync with OPTICS RE, try changing your site timezone to a different setting, and then changing it back to the desired setting. This will force the gateway to synchronize with the server. 

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