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Mate3: Troubleshooting Network Connectivity

We are investigating reports of connection issues with a number of different firmware versions. 

Please try these steps to restore connectivity:
  1. Follow the instructions in this video on How To: Troubleshooting Network Connectivity
  2. Make sure that you can connect to the internet and reach from another device on the same network as your OutBack AXS Port or Mate3s system controller. If you have a Mate3s verify that the Port screen shows the OpticsRE status as connected. More troubleshooting details are available for the Mate3.  
  3. Use a cat5e twisted pair ethernet cable or better to connect to the Mate3. We've seen some improvement in connectivity when using better shielded ethernet cables. The type of ethernet cable is usually printed along the jacket of the wire.   
  4. Try using the Auto Reboot feature.  There is a new function in the Mate3 settings to change the interval on when your gateway will reboot itself if it cannot connect to the OpticsRE servers. If you have firmware 3.11 or higher, this option will be available with a 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24 hour intervals.
  5. There is a known issue with Mate3 firmware version 3.15.0 and 3.15.1 which causes the device to not send updates to the server as often as it should, resulting in a partial connection. This often results in a loss of data that may impact historical graphs

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