"To" and "From" Battery Graph Changes In Version 3.6.0

OPTICS RE release 3.6.0 brought with it an extensive change to the battery historical graph. In an effort to improve accuracy, the Battery Graph tab will now show the net amount of power going into or out of the battery per hour. These calculations are done with a more accurate algorithm that pulls data from the same registers as the Battery Soft-Key screen of the Mate3 when a FLEXnet DC is attached to the system.

This upgrade removed the individual bars for "From" and "To" battery. You can still see the individual "From" and "To" battery information for each hour in the pop-up that is shown when hovering the mouse over a bar.

Please note, that the calculation performed to get the "From" and "To" battery information is not the same as the old calculation we were using before the update.

With the previous version of the graph, we were taking the source data from each shunt to determine the "From" and "To" amounts. There were complaints from customers that the representation of the power being moved to and from the battery using this calculation was too inaccurate for their system setups.

The new calculation is taking data from a different set of FN-DC registers that are measuring the total kilowatt-hours accumulated or taken from the batteries during the day. You can find the reading for this value by navigating to the battery softkey screen on your Mate3. It should say FLEXNet DC at the top of the Mate3 LCD display. On the right hand side we show numbers for "In kWh" "Out kWh" and "Bat kWh". 

If you have any improvements you would like to see, let us know!  

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