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Security: Profile Administrator

A Profile Administrator is in charge of all security for a Profile, and all the Sites and Systems that are part of that profile. The administrator has access to change any setting, and should ultimately be someone you trust. To ensure the best security, limit the number of people with administrator access to only those necessary. 

Profile Administrator Features

A profile administrator can:
  1. Invite other people to a profile, so that they are part of People with Access.
  2. Set Site Access Levels for individual users. 
  3. Delete a Profile, Site, or System. 
  4. Assign and manage other profile administrators.

How to Manage Profile Administrators

By default, the account used to create a profile is the first profile administrator. Using this account, you can then assign other users that have been invited to People with Access, to be profile administrators:

1. Navigate to My Profiles

2. Find the Profile that you want to manage. 

3. Open the Profile Settings page

4. Mark which users you want to be profile administrators.
4b. You can also remove existing users by clicking the 'X' icon which is located on the column that contains their name. You must be a Profile Administrator to perform this function. 
5. Finalize your settings with the Save Settings button. 

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