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OpticsRE for Mobile Devices (iOS/Android)

November, 2017

We're frequently asked whether we have a mobile app for the OpticsRE platform.

The short answer: not at this time. 

We're then typically asked if we plan to. The long answer:

The current OpticsRE platform can be viewed today on mobile platforms, as it is browser-based. The reason people ask about a mobile version is due to the fact that the OpticsRE platform has been designed around a typical desktop screen resolution. While the website will adapt slightly on smaller devices, it is not currently truly responsive to the device size, making some page components difficult to reach.

The next step on our OpticsRE roadmap is to adapt the existing web site to be more responsive and therefore more usable on smaller devices. We are currently focusing on other priorities and this responsive redesign has not yet been scheduled.

A possible native app for iOS and/or Android is on the list of items for consideration in future releases, but wouldn't be considered until after a responsive redesign has been launched and feedback gathered on the remaining requirements for a native mobile app.

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