OpticsRE Security

OutBack takes your security very seriously. We employ the latest technologies and practices to protect communication to and from the OpticsRE platform, and routinely evaluate those practices and make changes when necessary.

In order to control your device with OpticsRE, a user must have the appropriate access level. For an overview of access levels see this article

We use AES encryption on all messages between your Mate3 / Mate3S / AXS Port and our servers. Furthermore, when interacting with the OpticsRE web portal at www.opticsre.com, all information is sent over an encrypted connection. Personally identifiable information that we store long term is encrypted at rest. Passwords are secured using industry recommended one way hashing algorithms.

We perform regular reviews to make sure we are following industry best practices.

Security is of course a team effort. To ensure that your account and systems are secure, consider following these steps:

1. Review which users have access to your profiles on OpticsRE. Ensure that only necessary individuals have limited or full control.
2. Never share your account password.
3. Never use the same password on multiple sites. A data breach in one could lead to accounts elsewhere being compromised if the same password is used.
4. Change your password periodically.
5. Use a password with sufficient amounts of entropy that does not contain personally identifiable information. A password manager can help with this. Preferably one that encrypts your passwords at rest. 

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