How to change the registered e-mail on your OpticsRE account

NOTE: This should be performed before you lose access to your old e-mail address!

If your e-mail has changed or you wish to redirect OpticsRE e-mail notifications to a different account, perform the following steps:

1) Log in to OpticsRE as usual

2) In the left-hand navigation bar, select the topmost "profile" icon which shows your user name next to it.

3) An "Account Settings" screen will display. Click the topmost control which shows your user name and e-mail address.

4) On the "Personal Settings" page, click the "Edit" control next to your current e-mail address. You will then need to enter the new e-mail address - twice to confirm - and click "Save"

5) You will then see a message displayed which reads "Email address reset link has been sent to your registered email address". This e-mail is sent to your current ("old") e-mail address.

6) In the received e-mail (don't forget to check your spam folders if you do not see it within a few minutes), click the "Reset" button (or copy the URL listed there into your browser if the button is not active).

7) A page will be displayed in your browser which allows you to see the old and new e-mail addresses. Click "Confirm" to change the e-mail address in our database.

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