System Tools: Reports

OPTICS RE provides a feature which allows you to download compilations of data into an Office Open XML (.xlsx) format. In order to view these files, programs capable of decompressing zip formatted files and reading the xlsx documents are required. 

Follow the steps below to access the report form:

1. Navigate to the dashboard of a Profile, Site, or System you would like to download reports for.

2. Open the System Tools menu by selecting the gear in the top right corner

3. Click the Reports icon

Reports are broken into two categories, Graphing Data and Event History. 

Graphing Data are entries used to compose the graphs on the Dashboard page. 
Event History provides a log of all entries over a particular duration, visible from the Event History page. 

4 a. Single Reports: Delivers a single download for the selected duration. 

Select a Start Date Date, End Date, and Period. The Period controls the granularity of each individual entry. The options are 15 minutes, Every Hour, and Every 24 Hours.

If you are creating a report for the Profile or Site levels, an optional checkbox to prepare an Aggregated Report is available. An aggregated report combines each system in the profile or site into a single report. If the option is left unchecked, each system in the Profile or Site will be in a separate file. 

Single reports have a duration limit of one month. 

4 b. Recurring Reports: Automatically deliver a report at the end of every day, week, or month from the selected date and time. 

Start Date: The date from which the recurring report should be made active.

Delivery Period: How often the report should be created and mailed to your account The next report will be delivered at the specified period after the last report was created. Available options are Day, Week, Month. Daily reports will only include a days worth of data, Week will include 7 days worth of data, and Month the appropriate number of days from that month.

Data Interval: Precision between data points. 15 minute data, every hour, and every day are available.

Time: The time of day the report should be sent out. The report will repeat delivery based on the Delivery Period. 

Active checkbox: Controls if settings for a recurring report are active or inactive. If the box is not checked, a recurring report will not be sent. If the box is checked, a recurring report will be sent based on the information selected in the fields above. 

5. Select "Email Me" for single reports, or "Save Changes" for recurring reports.

Once the report is finished, we will send you a temporary link that can be used to download the file.

Note: At this time we do not support uploading logs from the Mate3 or AXS port to make them available from OpticsRE. 

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