Graph Overview for AXS Port, Mate3, and Mate3s

General Controls

Date Selection

The drop down allows selection of a specific time range to gather data for:

The Day Of: Displays data from 00:00 to 23:59 for the selected date.
Three Days Ending: Displays data for 3 days at a time from 00:00 - 23:59, ending on the selected date
The Week Of: Displays data starting through Sunday and ending on Saturday based on the selected date.
Week Ending: Unlike The Week Of, displays data ending exactly on the specified date. This allows you to look at a week which ends outside the normal Sunday to Saturday time period. 
The Month Of: Always displays data from the first of the month to the last day of the month. 
Month Ending: Displays data ending on the specified date, going back one month.
Year Of: Displays data from January to December for the currently selected year
Five Years Including: Shows data from the currently selected year, and the last four years. 

Selecting the date box in the center opens a calendar that allows looking at a specific point in time. 

The '<' and '>' arrows can be used to navigate backwards and forwards by the amount specified in the drop down box. 

The "Today" button resets the time range to "The Day Of" and sets the date to the current day. 

Left Y-Axis Controls

The drop down box is used to select units in kilowatt hours (kWh) or Amp hours (Ah).

The lock can be toggled on or off to freeze the graph height to the highest value across all available tabs. 

The picture can be toggled on or off to render voltage, state of charge, and temperature line series in front of kWh bars, or behind them. 

Right Y-Axis Controls

The left drop down is used to pick from the following items:
AVG - Plots the average value for each hour in the line graph. 
HIGH - Plots the highest data point for each hour in the line graph
LOW - Plots the lowest data point for each hour in the line graph

The right drop down allows you to switch between a line graph of the State of Charge (SOC), Voltage, Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, or a combined view of the SOC and Voltage at the same time.


A tab selection on the left side of the graph allows selection between different options:

Summary Tab

The Summary tab provides access to battery voltage, state of charge (If an FN-DC is installed), temperature data (If a remote temperature sensor is installed), and kilowatt hour readings from the charge controller, batteries, and the inverter. The following controls are at the top of the graph. 

The circles can be interacted with to toggle a particular graph element on or off, and these settings are saved locally on your device if cookies are enabled. 

When the Inverter Data button is pressed the controls are swapped to 

Pressing the hide inverter data button switches back to the previous controls.

Inverter Tab

Shows inverter information that can be broken down into individual data by port. 

The "Inverter on Port" drop down can be used to select between a combined view with all inverters, or a breakdown of the data from each inverter by port number. 

Charge Controller Tab

The "Solar Collected from" toggle can be changed to show solar production combined from all inverters or color coded by port. Port data for a single inverter can be turned on and off by clicking the appropriate circle.  

Battery Tab

In the OPTICS 4.3.0 update the battery tab has been made available to all customers. An OutBack FLEXnet-DC (FN-DC) is required to show battery kWh information. Voltage, state of charge, and temperature data (if a remote temperature sensor is installed) will still be available without one. If an FN-DC was previously installed but is no longer attached to the system, the data will be available for days it was received. 

The toggle can be used to switch between viewing net battery kWh values, or activity on individual shunts. These values require a OutBack FLEXnet-DC (FN-DC) to be installed.  

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