AXS Port, Mate3, and Mate3s bandwidth usage

The amount of bandwidth used by your system controller to send or receive data to OpticsRE is dependent on: the amount of devices attached to your system, the configured Ping Interval (Accessible from Site Settings), system activity (State changes, Events, Warnings, Errors, etc), and how often the system is actively monitored on the OpticsRE web portal.

On average a system with a Mate3s, 3 inverters, 1 charge controller, and 1 FN-DC will use the following amounts of bandwidth when configured with a 30 second Ping Interval:

Inactive Monitoring: ~1.00 - 2.00 MB/hour
Active Monitoring: ~2.00 - 3.00 MB/hour 

These numbers are estimates only and your results may differ based on the factors discussed previously. Systems with more devices will see higher data usage, but results should still be comparable. 

If your system is on a connection with limited bandwidth available, we recommend setting the Idle Ping Interval to the highest amount allowed and only sparsely monitoring the system through OpticsRE. Leaving the system dashboard open and visible in a browser tab will increase overall data usage. Be advised that a higher idle ping interval setting will make the system slower to update when the dashboard is first loaded. 

The Idle Ping interval can be found on the Site settings page, and applies to all systems under that site. You can reach the System Settings page through 2 methods:

From My Profiles:
1. Click the gear next to the site name. 

From your System dashboard:
1. Click the gear in the top right corner
2. Click Site. 

If you are still having bandwidth issues on a metered connection after trying the above fixes, we recommend removing the SD card from the AXS Port or Mate3s. The SD card stores extra information that failed to be sent to the server.  When the device reconnects it will upload these files. They are usually quite small, but can be many megabytes in size if the system experienced an extended outage. 

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