Hardware features not currently supported in OpticsRE

The following hardware features are currently not supported in OpticsRE:


  • Save / Restore Configuration (OpticsRE does allow printing your current configuration for later reference through the 'Print' option on any Device Map window.) 
  • Manual Date & Time adjustment (OpticsRE takes care of this automatically based on the time zone settings for your Site) 
  • Sound management
  • Data Stream controls, Data Stream access
  • Data Logging controls, Device Data log access
  • Event log controls
  • System Name modification
  • Installer Information ( None of the information saved locally is transferred to our servers at this time. We provide a field to save notes on OpticsRE, accessible through the menu opened by interacting with the cog wheel in the top right of your dashboard.)
  • Profile Wizard feature
  • Firmware Updates
  • Grid Interface Protection (GIP) menu, where Sell Current Limit adjustment is located. Installing GIP files for CA Rule 21, HECO, etc.

Charge Controllers

  • Force Float charge 

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