Getting Started


If you would like to try out the OPTICSRE platform without having to go through the registration process we've got you covered! 

We offer a demo of the site that gives you access to view several real systems in a variety of configurations. These are actual systems on the ground transmitting information back to our servers. You will be able to view all relevant data: including profiles, dashboards, historical graph data, configuration, and event logs. 

 To access the demo just head to and click the Demo the App button. Location of the button is shown in the picture below.

Creating an Account

Account creation can be accessed through the landing page at using the Create an account button, or through the sign in page using the Create Account link. 

Landing page: 


(Create Account option)

1. Fill the required information in above.
2. Complete the reCAPTCHA by checking the box if necessary. You may need to answer additional questions.
3. Read and then agree to the Terms of Service by marking the checkbox. 
4. Select Create. If there are no errors with the form it will proceed to the next step. If it does not, check to see if any of the fields have red error text nearby indicating a problem. 

Signup with Google or Facebook to launch a separate window that will give your account access to OpticsRE. 

Verify Your Account

Once the account has been created we will send you a verification email. You may click on the link in the email or copy and paste it into your browsers address bar. If you do not receive your email within 10 minutes, check this article for more information

Your First System
Upon creating your first account you will be directed to the My Profiles page:

For a detailed overview of Profiles, Sites, and Systems see this knowledge base article.

Select "Launch the Profile Setup" or "Add a Profile" to continue. 

This launch the Profile Wizard, allowing you to create your first Profile, Site, and System.  A detailed breakdown of each step can be found at the Profile Wizard Walk-through.

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