Pending write instructions in queue stuck for long periods of time

This help article applies to the AXS Port, Mate3, and Mate3s system controller devices. 

If you are trying to send commands to your devices from the Device Map and you see the following message on the bottom of the form, wait a few minutes for it to clear up. 

If it does not disappear after 10 minutes, reboot your system controller and try to send the commands again. 

You can reboot the system using two methods; in person and remotely.

To reboot the device in person: 
1. Disconnect the cable connecting the system controller to the your OutBack HUB, wait 10 seconds, then plug it in again. 
2. If you have a Mate3 or Mate3s, verify that the Port screen shows a valid IP address and that the OpticsRE status says connected. 
3. Check the event log for any queued commands that may have failed. 

1. In OpticsRE navigate to your Device Map from the Dashboard page.
2. Select your system controller
3. Select the connectivity tab
4. Select the "Reset Gateway" option.
5. When prompted select "OK". 

Note: This problem may be more frequent on version 1.4.1 of the Mate3s firmware, which had an error that could cause intermittent incorrect CRC errors, which in turn caused issues with replay (file corruption) and OPTICS RE connectivity. As version 1.4.2 has its own issues relating to connectivity and values sometimes reporting incorrectly we would advise against updating until the next version greater than 1.4.2 is released, unless this is a frequent occurrence.

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