System Tools

The System Tools menu is available through the dashboard. It contains links to many other settings, and also allows access to settings that can be changed by users that have their access level set to Limited Control. (See here for an overview of access levels)

To find the System Tools menu: 
From My Profiles page
1. Select the gear next to your system name, or complete step 2 and 3. 
2. Select a system name to load the system dashboard. 
3. Select the gear icon in the top right corner of the dashboard. 

1. Photos

Opens the System Photos page. 

1. To view a photo click View Photos to open the gallery. 
2. To upload a photo select 'Add system photos', and then 'Choose File'. Select "Save Changes". 
Note: You can upload up to 5 images (GIF, JPG, or PNG) for this system. If the image is too big (wider than 1000 pixels), it will be automatically resized.
3. To Delete a photo, click on the thumbnail and then the option "Delete selected".  Select "Save Changes" to finalize.

2. Notes

Opens a note page that allows you to enter miscellaneous details about a system. 
  1. Select 'Edit this text' to edit the field.
  2. Select 'Save Changes' when done. 

3. Alerts

See Set Up E-Mail Alerts for more information. 

4. Devices

Opens the System settings page that allows you to change your System Name and edit device settings. See step 6 of the Registration Wizard walk through for more information. 

5. Profiles

Opens the Profile Settings page. See step 3 of the Registration Wizard walk through for more information. 

6. Site

Opens the Site Settings page. See step 4 of the Registration Wizard walk through for more information.   

7. Reports

See this article for more information

8. Notifications

Opens the Event History notification settings. This allows you to opt-out of showing specific informational messages in the event history log. 
  1. Select 'Opt-out of status messages from the event history' to view the complete list of messages. 
  2. Select the check mark next to options that you no longer wish to see in the Event History. 
  3. When done, select 'Save Changes'. 

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