Rebooting AXS Port or Mate3s

On site:
1. Disconnect the cable from the Mate3s or AXS Port to the OutBack HUB or other OutBack device. The system controller should lose power. 
2. Wait ten seconds
3. Reconnect
4. (Mate3s) Verify that it has identified all your devices correctly during the startup sequence
5. (Mate3s) Verify using the Port key that the controller has been assigned a valid IP address and the OpticsRE status in the bottom right corner of the screen says, "Connected".

Remotely through OpticsRE when the device is still online:
1. From the Device Map click the Mate3s or AXS Port
2. Select the connectivity tab at the top of the window
3. Select the Reset Gateway button.
4. Accept the dialog prompt that appears

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