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Device Map


The Device Map lists all devices attached to your system controller. When viewing the Device Map from a System dashboard only the associated system is shown. When viewing the device map from the Profile or Site level dashboard all systems at the Profile or Site level respectively will be shown. 

AXS Port & Mate3 Family

For users of an AXS Port or Mate3 family controller the model of your OutBack HUB will also be displayed, along with each active port and device. 


The SkyBox Device Map shows its current state, and if the device is offline or online.

SkyBox States

Status and Configuration

 Each device icon can be interacted with to open the status and configuration pages associated with those devices. Most devices have several tabs that are available. 

AXS Port & Mate3 Family

The selected device name is displayed in the top left of the window. 
To the right is a list of ports that allow you to quickly switch between each device.


The SkyBox tab layout is organized to mimic the local UI. Status and configuration information for each component is available on their respective tab. For more information on available settings, refer to the SkyBox Programming Guide.


The bottom of the form has three options: 

Print: Prepare a printable text copy of all device tabs and their current settings in a new window. 

Discard: Removes any changes that have not yet been applied and refreshes the page.

Apply: Analyzes any changes that have been made to existing configuration settings. If no conflicts are found, a series of update messages are sent to the device, indicating it should make the requested changes. If conflicts are found a list will appear indicating each conflict and which tab and section the settings is located under. 

While the server is waiting for the device to confirm the changes, a status indicator will appear on the bottom left of the form which shows how many pending changes are left. 

Note: After apply is used you can review the value in the device map configuration and also verify that the Event History shows the intended change.  

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